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Our Story

Unique Texas Flavors Meets

Giant pizza slices & Wings


At BirdSlice, we're passionate about creating a unique and efficient dining experience for our customers. Our giant slices of pizza, South Texas-inspired hot chicken, and wings are sure to satisfy any craving. We use technology, including our drive-through concept, to provide a fast and exceptional food experience. Come visit us and see why we're the talk of the town.

Private Events

Host Your Next Event with BirdSlice

Host your next event with BirdSlice and enjoy our unique offerings with your guests. Our private events package includes giant slices of pizza, hot chicken, and wings with mouthwatering South Texas flavors. Contact us to learn more.


Visit Us Today

Come grab a slice of pizza, hot chicken, or wings at one of our convenient locations.

Sunday - Thursday
11:00AM - 11:00PM

Friday- Saturday

11:00AM - 02:00AM
Tel: 123-456-7890

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